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Characterising Copper-Based Metals in Britain in the First Millennium AD: A Preliminary Quantification of Metal Flow and Recycling (2015)


For many years, archaeologists and archaeometallurgists have suggested that recycled copper might have constituted a significant component of the metal in circulation in Britain during the first millennium AD. They have generally failed, however, to suggest a way of observing and quantifying this phenomenon. Here the authors propose a new methodology to rectify this. A large new database of chemical analyses of British copper alloys dating from the late Iron Age to the early medieval period demonstrates the potential of their approach; it shows that significant and measureable changes occur in metal circulation at the beginning of the first century AD and in the early Saxon period.

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Authors & Contributors
Vincenzo Carlotta
Paolo de Vingo
Harmansah, Ömür
Jones, James Ellis
Sapir-Hen, Lidar
Pollard, A. M.
Bulletin of the History of Archaeology
Ambix: Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
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Indian Journal of History of Science
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University of Durham (United Kingdom)
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Metals and metallic compounds
Copper and copper industry
Mines and mining
Vauquelin, Louis Nicolas
Thomsen, Christian Jürgensen
Steenstrup, Johannes Japetus
Rolleston, George
Nilsson, Sven
Lysons, Samuel
Time Periods
19th century
Iron age
Early modern
Middle and Near East
Great Britain
Yorkshire Antiquarian Club (1849-1860)
East India Company (English)
Oxford University

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