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Ritualised Craft Production at the Hopewell Periphery: New Evidence from the Appalachian Summit (2015)


Ritual items made of thin mica sheet are among the most spectacular of the special objects from the Hopewell sites of the Ohio Valley. Hitherto it has generally been believed that the mica was imported in raw material form from sources in the Appalachian Summit and cut into shape in the Hopewell core. Recent excavations at Garden Creek, a ritual enclosure on the margin of the source area, throws doubt on this model through extensive evidence for mica-working at this site. The Garden Creek community may have been drawn into the Hopewell sphere through its proximity to the mica sources, and the people of Garden Creek may have carried cut mica and crystal quartz as offerings to the major Hopewell centres in the course of pilgrimage.

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Authors & Contributors
Julio Cuenca Sanabria
Belmonte, Juan Antonio
José Miguel Márquez Zárate
Lucio Laura
Carlos Gil Sarmiento
Maurizio Rossi
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
Bulletin of the History of Archaeology
Journal of Skyscape Archaeology
Technology and Culture
Oil-Industry History
Kent State University Press
Insegna del Giglio
Inner Traditions International
Cambridge University Press
Native American civilization and culture
Toolsmiths; tool making
Time Periods
20th century, early
19th century
Stone age
Precolumbian period (America)
Ohio (U.S.)
Canary Islands
South America
United States
Philadelphia, PA
Royal Anthropological Institute
Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (Michigan)

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