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A Potter's Workshop from Middle Bronze Age Cyprus: New Light on Production Context, Scale and Variability (2014)


When fire swept through a workshop at Ambelikou Aletri on Cyprus in the nineteenth or twentieth century BC it brought a sudden halt to pottery production, leaving the latest batch of recently fired vessels. The remains of the kiln and its immediate surroundings provide a rare opportunity to gain direct insight into the technology and organisation of a Middle Bronze Age pottery workshop in the eastern Mediterranean. Analysis of the batch of cutaway-mouthed jugs adjacent to the kiln reveals a level of standardisation focused more on vessel shape than capacity, and shows that at a detailed level, no two jugs were alike. This pottery production site provides vital background for the study of contemporary pottery assemblages on Cyprus and elsewhere in the broader region. Keywords: Cyprus, Ambelikou Aletri, Middle Bronze Age, pottery kiln, cutaway-mouthed jugs, coefficient of variation

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Authors & Contributors
Lipo, Carl P.
Sterling, Sarah L.
Hunt, Terry L.
Osgood, Richard
Toms, Judith
Monks, Sarah
Bulletin of the History of Archaeology
Journal of Skyscape Archaeology
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
Sutton Publishing, Ltd.
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Cambridge Archaeological Unit
Halle (Saale) Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte
Oxford University Press
Ceramics; pottery
Military technology
Prehistory and primitive societies
Nilsson, Sven
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Thomsen, Christian Jürgensen
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Abbott, Wyman
Childe, Vere Gordon
Great Britain
Scandinavia; Nordic countries
Bronze age
19th century
Iron age
20th century
Yorkshire Antiquarian Club (1849-1860)

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