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Nature Is Dead. Long Live Nature! (2013)


In his best-selling and influential 1989 book The End of Nature, Bill McKibben surveyed nature and found it dead. "By the end of nature," he wrote, "I do not mean the end of the world ... I mean a certain set of human ideas about the world and our place in it." For McKibben, the nail in nature's coffin was human-induced climate change: "By changing the weather, we make every spot on the earth man-made and artificial." His pronouncements were boldly stated, but they reflected the conclusions of many ecological thinkers at the time. The years since the publication of The End of Nature have proved McKibben's prescient warnings about the escalating consequences of humaninduced climate change depressingly accurate. But was his vision of the death of nature similarly prophetic - or greatly exaggerated?


Description On the author's personal experience with endangerd species and his evaluation of the current state of the dangers to the environment.

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