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Man and Wound in the Ancient World: A History of Military Medicine from Sumer to the Fall of Constantinople (2011)


Gabriel, Richard A. (Author)

Potomac Books

Publication Date: 2011
Physical Details: 276 pp.; bibl.; index; ill.
Language: English

Wounds and disease were as devastating on the battlefields of the ancient world as they are today. In an age of bloody combat, how did physicians and medics cope with arrow injuries, spear and sword gashes, dysentery, and infection without the benefits of anesthesia or modern medical technology? In this compelling volume, military historian Richard A. Gabriel explores the long-hidden world of ancient military medicine from 4000 BC to AD 1453 to reveal its surprisingly sophisticated body of knowledge, practice, and technique. Ranging broadly from the deserts of North Africa, across the plains of India and Persia, to the mountains of Europe and Asia Minor, this book examines medical history from the Bronze Age through the Middle Ages. By revealing long-forgotten medical secrets, Dr. Gabriel shows how ancient civilizations' technologies have influenced modern medical practices. Comprehensive, thoughtful, sometimes graphic, and always accessible, Man and Wound in the Ancient World will be welcomed by anyone who wants to learn how today's medical miracles build upon those of the past.

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Time Periods
Middle and Near East

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