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Little Helpers. About Demons, Angels and Other Servants (2012)


Canales, Jimena (Author)
Krajewski, Markus (Author)

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
Volume: 37, no. 4
Issue: 4
Pages: 314-331

Publication Date: 2012
Edition Details: Part of special issue “Master and Servant in Technoscience”
Language: English

In politics as in history, masters accomplish great things, but often, lowly beings such as servants perform those tasks. At times, they subvert them. In science, servant-beings are frequently described as demons and angels. Who are these effective agents? This essay traces parts of the large historical network of persons and places in which `little helpers' service their master's will. It looks at instances were masters try to exorcise the servant-demons who instead of helping them, disturb their plans. By uncovering fragments of this often hidden network, we explore the strange relationship between masters and servants, and the role of earthly and heavenly agents in science.


Description On instances where people try to exorcise servant-demons who disturb their plans.

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Article Stock, Markus (2012) Letter, Word, and Good Messengers: Towards an Archaeology of Remote Communication. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (pp. 299-313). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Ostorero, Martine
Worobec, Christine
McGrath, Malcolm
Smith, Andrew
Boureau, Alain
Fagan, Teresa Lavender
Micrologus: Natura, Scienze e Società Medievali
Llull: Revista de la Sociedad Española de Historia de las Ciencias y de las Técnicas
Church History
University of Chicago Press
Cambridge University Press
Northern Illinois University Press
Manchester University Press
Edwin Mellen Press
Occult sciences
Witchcraft; demonology
Science and religion
Science and law
Thomas Aquinas, Saint
Guillaume d'Auvergne
Agricola, Georgius
Río, Andrés Manuel del
Chastelet, Jean du
Trithemius, Johannes
Time Periods
16th century
17th century
15th century
14th century
Université de Paris
Jesuits (Society of Jesus)

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