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Einstein et “Zweistein” (2005)


Stachel, John J. (Author)

Revue de Synthèse
Volume: 126, no. 2
Issue: 2
Pages: 353-365

As the sobriquet Zweistein suggests, within the theoretical physics community Wolfgang Pauli came to be regarded as second in eminence only to Albert Einstein. Over a period of thirty-five years, they interacted both intellectually and personally. This paper focuses on four interrelated topics of their discussions. 1) The theory of relativity: at the age of twenty, Pauli prepared the definitive survey of relativity, a survey which he revised near the end of his life and which remains invaluable to physicists and historians of physics. 2) Unified field theories: although initially sympathetic to Einstein's search for a unified theory of electromagnetism and gravitation, and having made important contributions to the subject, Pauli came to regard such efforts as fruitless. 3) Foundations of quantum mechanics: Pauli's negative evaluation of Einstein's program grew out of their sharply differing evaluations of the role that quantum mechanics would play in the future, development of theoretical physics. 4) Quantum gravity: Pauli recognized that, until the achievement of a successful reconciliation of quantum mechanics and general relativity --- an achievement that still eludes us --- Einstein's challenge to quantum mechanics could not be laid to rest.


Description Refers to Wolfgang Pauli and his extensive interaction with Einstein.

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Tobias Schütz
Schilling, Govert
Rocci, Alessio
D'Agostino, Salvo
Blum, Alexander
Physics in Perspective
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Quantum mechanics
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De Donder, Théophile
Rosenfeld, Léon
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20th century, early
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