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Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (2012)


Thompson, G. R. (Editor)

Imperial College Press

Publication Date: 2012
Physical Details: xvii + 354 pp.; ill.; bibl.; index
Language: English

This book brings together in one volume fifteen Nobel Prize-winning discoveries that have had the greatest impact upon medical science and the practice of medicine during the 20th century and up to the present time. Its overall aim is to enlighten, entertain and stimulate. This is especially so for those who are involved in or contemplating a career in medical research. Anyone interested in the particulars of a specific award or Laureate can obtain detailed information on the topic by accessing the Nobel Foundation's website. In contrast, this book aims to provide a less formal and more personal view of the science and scientists involved, by having prominent academics write a chapter each about a Nobel Prize-winning discovery in their own areas of interest and expertise.


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Includes Chapters

Chapter Tattersall, Robert (2012) The Discovery of Insulin. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 1). unapi

Chapter Hoffbrand, A. Victor; Aitman, Timothy J. (2012) The Discovery of the Cure for Pernicious Anaemia, Vitamin B12. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 21). unapi

Chapter Sidebottom, Eric (2012) The Discovery of Penicillin. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 45). unapi

Chapter Seed, Tony (2012) The Introduction of Cardiac Catheterisation. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 69). unapi

Chapter Scott, James; Thompson, Gilbert (2012) The Discovery of the Structure of DNA. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 89). unapi

Chapter MacDermot, John; Kempner, Ellis (2012) The Interpretation of the Genetic Code. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 113). unapi

Chapter Cegla, Jaimini; Bloom, Stephen (2012) The Discovery of Neuropeptides and Radioimmunoassay of Peptide Hormones. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 133). unapi

Chapter Thomas, Adrian M. K. (2012) The Development of Computer-Assisted Tomography. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 151). unapi

Chapter Flowe, Rod (2012) The Discovery of Prostaglandins. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 171). unapi

Chapter Waldmann, Herman; Milstein, Celia P. (2012) The Antibody Problem and the Generation of Monoclonal Antibodies. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 197). unapi

Chapter Thompson, Gilbert (2012) The Discovery of the LDL Receptor and Its Role in Cholesterol Metabolism. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 217). unapi

Chapter Soutar, Anne K. (2012) The Invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction and Use of Site-Directed Mutagenesis. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 237). unapi

Chapter Channon, Keith M. (2012) The Discovery of the Pathophysiological Role of Nitric Oxide in Blood Vessels. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 263). unapi

Chapter Hawkey, Chris (2012) The Discovery of Helicobacter Pylori. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 281). unapi

Chapter Hull, Richard P.; Aitman, Timothy J. (2012) The Discovery of RNA Interference---Gene Silencing by Double-Stranded RNA. In: Nobel Prizes That Changed Medicine (p. 309). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Daniel, Thomas M.
Becsei Kilborn, Eva
Brownlee, George G.
Williams, Peter O.
Stoff, Heiko
Smith, Roger C.
Journal of Medical Biography
The Chemical Educator
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences
Journal of the History of Biology
Histoire des Sciences Médicales
University of Texas at Austin
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Rochester Press
Oregon State University Press
Nobel Prizes
Discovery in medicine
Disease and diseases
Waksman, Selman Abraham
Koch, Robert
Rous, Fancis Peyton
Shockley, William
Sherrington, Charles Scott
Pauling, Linus Carl
Time Periods
20th century
19th century
20th century, early
21st century
20th century, late
United States
New York City (New York, U.S.)
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Human Genome Project

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