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Ancient Chinese People's Knowledge of Macrofungi to 220 A.D. (2011)


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Authors & Contributors
Sterckx, Roel
Di, Lu
Jia, Lajiang
Liu, Xiaoming
Zhao, Congcang
Ling, Xue
Ziran Kexueshi Yanjiu (Studies in the History of Natural Sciences)
Chinese Annals of History of Science and Technology
Medical History
Kexue Jishu yu Bianzhengfa (Science, Technology, and Dialectics)
Journal of Historical Geography
Journal of Dialectics of Nature
State University of New York Press
Cambridge University Press
Springer Nature
Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Harvard University Asia Center
East Asia, civilization and culture
Natural history
Needham, Joseph
Mo, Di
Time Periods
Han dynasty (China, 202 B.C.-220 A.D.)
Qin dynasty (China, 221-207 B.C.)
Zhou dynasty (China, 1122-221 B.C.)
Shang dynasty (China, ca. 1766-1027 B.C.)
Tang dynasty (China, 618-907)
Yellow River (China)

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