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Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce and the Evolution of Psychological Warfare in Italy (2012)


Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce (Italy, 1953--56) exemplified American arrogance and intrusiveness in allies' domestic affairs. Connected to the inner circle of `psychological warriors' in the Eisenhower administration, she was also a catalyst for action from Washington. This archival-based article shows how Luce's frontal attack on communist power, while often counterproductive, was also balanced by her discerning use of diplomacy, which deeply influenced the interplay between Italy's domestic and foreign policies. Luce also critically reassessed the effects of US mass culture in Italy. In political as well as intellectual circles, she did not exclusively favour Italy's unconditional supporters of the United States. Reflecting Washington's renewed flexibility, she also dealt with political and cultural leaders who nurtured autonomy and mild criticism of the United States. This flexibility, often going beyond Luce's will or expectations, helped counteract the most virulently anti-American representatives of Italian Marxism.

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Gordon Barrett
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Lidiane Soares Rodrigues
Régis Briday
Gill, David James
British Journal for the History of Science
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Foreign relations; diplomacy
Science and politics
Political science
Science and technology studies (STS)
Visual representation; visual communication
Cold War
Nixon, Richard M.
Train, Russell Errol
Tôn-Thất, Tùng
Tingsten, Herbert
Needham, Joseph
Curie, family
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20th century, late
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