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The Metaphor of the Architect in Darwin: Chance and Free Will (2013)


Keywords: accidental variation;chance;Charles Darwin;free will;metaphor of the architect;natural selection Abstract In The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication, published in 1868, Darwin used the metaphor of the architect to argue in favor of natural autonomy and to clarify the role of chance in his theory of adaptive change by variation and natural selection. In this article, I trace the history of this important heuristic instrument in Darwin's writings and letters and suggest that this metaphor was important to Darwin because it helps him to explain the role of chance, and gives an argument in favor of the free will.

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Authors & Contributors
Ruse, Michael
Laura Nuño de la Rosa
Villegas, Cristina
Mazzeo, Marco
Robert Ready
Stuart Mathieson
Science and Education
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Journal for General Philosophy of Science
Endeavour: Review of the Progress of Science
Drew University
State University of New York Press
Prometheus Books
Princeton University Press
Science and religion
Natural selection
Philosophy of science
Darwin, Charles Robert
Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Antoine Pierre de Monet de
Wordsworth, William
Whewell, William
Wallace, Alfred Russel
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord
Time Periods
19th century
21st century
20th century, early
20th century
20th century, late
Great Britain
London (England)
United States
Victoria Institute

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