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Revisiting Cultivated Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Daily Life in the Guaraní Missions (2013)


Both the Crown and Catholic missionaries believed that frontier Indians needed to practice settled agriculture and animal husbandry in order to become civilized. For over a century Jesuit missionaries among the Guaraní Indians of South America tried to Europeanize mission inhabitants. Scholarship about the Guaraní missions portrays the Jesuits as imposing a rigid work schedule based on settled agriculture and instituting reforms so that the missions relied on domesticated rather than hunted cattle. This essay reexamines the roles of both cultivated agriculture and domesticated livestock in the Guaraní missions. A critical reading of Jesuit documents and analysis of mission production and consumption levels reveal that the Jesuits failed to fully institute the rigorous schedule associated with settled agriculture and domesticated livestock, and thus the economic aspect of their civilizing agenda remained unfulfilled.

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Authors & Contributors
Anagnostou, Sabine
Fleck, Eliane Cristina Deckmann
Jami, Catherine
Prieto, Andrés I.
Saraiva, Luís
Hsia, Florence C.
História, Ciências, Saúde---Manguinhos
East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine
Journal of Jesuit Studies
Pharmacy in History
Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences
Scientia Canadensis: Journal of the History of Canadian Science, Technology, and Medicine
Vanderbilt University Press
Oxford University Press
World Scientific
University of Chicago Press
Faber & Faber
Johns Hopkins University Press
Missionaries and missions
Cross-cultural interaction; cultural influence
Transmission of ideas
Science and religion
Spain, colonies
East Asia, civilization and culture
Ricci, Matteo
Xu, Guangqi
Kangxi, Emperor of China
Antonil, André João
Time Periods
17th century
18th century
16th century
19th century
Qing dynasty (China, 1644-1912)
20th century
East Asia
Jesuits (Society of Jesus)

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