Book ID: CBB001181470

The Cambridge history of science: Vol. 3: Early modern science. (2006)


Daston, Lorraine J. (Editor)
Park, Katharine (Editor)

Cambridge University Press
Pages: 865

Publication Date: 2006
Physical Details: xxvii + 865 pp.; ill.
Language: English

This is an account of knowledge of the natural world in Europe, ca. 1500-1700. Referred to as the Scientific Revolution, this period saw major transformations in various fields such as anatomy, astronomy & natural history.


Description Contents: Introduction :; the age of the new /; Katharine Park and Lorraine Daston --; pt. I.; The new nature.; Physics and foundations /; Daniel Garber --; Scientific explanation from formal causes to laws of nature /; Lynn S. Joy --; The meanings of experience /; Peter Dear --; Proof and persuasion /; R.W. Serjeantson --; pt. II.; Personae and sites of natural knowledge.; The man of science /; Steven Shapin --; Women of natural knowledge /; Londa Schiebinger --; Markets, piazzas, and villages /; William Eamon --; Homes and households /; Alix Cooper --; Libraries and lecture halls /; Anthony Grafton --; Courts and academies /; Bruce T. Moran --; Anatomy theaters, botanical gardens, and natural history collections /; Paula Findlen --; Laboratories /; Pamela H. Smith --; Sites of military science and technology /; Kelly Devries --; Coffeehouses and print shops /; Adrian Johns --; Networks of travel, correspondence, and exchange /; Steven J. Harris --; pt. III.; Dividing the study of nature.; Natural philosophy /; Ann Blair --; Medicine /; Harold J. Cook --; Natural history /; Paula Findlen --; Cosmography /; Klaus A. Vogel --; From alchemy to "chymistry" /; William R. Newman --; Magic /; Brian P. Copenhaver --; Astrology /; H. Darrel Rutkin --; Astronomy /; William Donahue --; Acoustics and optics /; Paolo Mancosu --; Mechanics /; Domenico Bertoloni Meli --; The mechanical arts /; Jim Bennett --; Pure mathematics /; Kirsti Andersen and Henk J.M. Bos.; pt. IV.; Cultural meanings of natural knowledge.; Religion /; Rivka Feldhay --; Literature /; Mary Baine Campbell --; Art /; Carmen Niekrasz and Claudia Swan --; Gender /; Dorinda Outram --; European expansion and self-definition /; Klaus A. Vogel

Includes Chapters

Chapter Smith, Pamela H. (2006) Laboratories. In: The Cambridge history of science: Vol. 3: Early modern science. (pp. 290-305). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Cohen, H. Floris
Smith, Pamela H.
Daston, Lorraine J.
Park, Katharine
Schmidt, Benjamin
Clericuzio, Antonio
Minerva: A Review of Science, Learning and Policy
Histoire des Sciences Médicales
Iranian Studies
Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Cambridge University Press
University of Chicago Press
Campus Verlag
Science, general histories
Revolutions in science
Science and religion
Development of science; change in science
Time Periods
Early modern
17th century
16th century
18th century
Persia (Iran)

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