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Über Vorstellungen von der elektrischen Leitung, die Entwicklung einer Elektronentheorie der Metalle und der Beginn einer Festkörperphysik (2010)


The development of an electron-theory of metals is closely connected with early speculation in the period before Maxwell (W. Weber and others) regarding electrical conductivity in metals. These Speculations were in contrast with Faraday's view of an all-embracing molecular dielectric polarisation, and a subsequent passage of charges in metallic conductors. In terms of the empirical law of Wiedemann-Franz-Lorenz, the conductivity of electricity and heat had to be treated commonly. The classical electron-theory of metals (Riecke, Drude, H.?A. Lorentz) reached a dead end on account of problems concerned with specific heat capacity. Sommerfeld, by means of the Quantum theory and the Fermi-Statistic, could find the solution.

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Authors & Contributors
Eckert, Michael
Nersessian, Nancy J.
Oldershaw, Robert L.
Sommerfeld, Arnold
Märker, Karl
Lelong, Benoit
Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences
Nature and System
PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association
British Journal for the History of Science
Sudhoffs Archiv: Zeitschrift fuer Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Nineteenth-Century Contexts
Verlag für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik
MIT Press
Wallstein Verlag
Prometheus Books
New York University
Electricity; magnetism
Metals and metallic compounds
Electron physics; ionization
Materials science
Maxwell, James Clerk
Faraday, Michael
Sommerfeld, Arnold Johannes Wilhelm
Einstein, Albert
Repton, Humphry
Langevin, Paul
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
20th century, early
18th century
Great Britain

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