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In Weismann's Footsteps: The Cyto-Rebellion of C. D. Darlington (2008)

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Book Harman, Oren; Dietrich, Michael R. (2008) Rebels, Mavericks, and Heretics in Biology. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Dröscher, Ariane
Santesmases, María Jesús
Harman, Oren Solomon
Churchill, F. B.
Wülfingen, Bettina Bock v.
Weismann, August
History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences
Journal of the History of Biology
History of Science
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Medicina nei Secoli - Arte e Scienza
Harvard University Press
Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg
Weismann, August
Darlington, Cyril Dean
Franz Unger
Carl Wilhelm Nägeli
Barr, Murray Llewellyn
Emery, Carlo
Time Periods
20th century
19th century
20th century, early
20th century, late

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