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Al-Fārābī on the Method of Astronomy (2010)


This article analyzes al-Farabi's (d. 950) conception of the astronomical method by examining rarely studied texts such as the K. al-musiqa and K. al-burhan and by addressing key issues such as the subject matter of astronomy, the techniques used to derive the first principles of this science, the relation between astrology, astronomy, physics, and metaphysics, and the place of al-Farabi in the Arabic astronomical tradition. The analysis indicates that al-Farabi's theories combine material from the Greek astronomical tradition, especially Geminus, as well as from the logical works of Aristotle, particularly the Posterior Analytics. Moreover, it enables us to view al-Farabi as a link between the Greek astronomers on the one hand and Ibn Sina and Nasir al-Din al-Tusi on the other.

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Authors & Contributors
Adamson, Peter
Janos, Damien
Aouad, Maroun
Schoeler, Gregor
Freudenthal, Gad
Brague, Rémi
Arabic Sciences and Philosophy
Micrologus: Natura, Scienze e Società Medievali
Warburg Institute, Univ. of London
Columbia University
McGill University (Canada)
Harvard University
Brill Academic Publishers
Edizioni Cadmo
Arab/Islamic world, civilization and culture
Science and religion
al-Fārābī, Abū Naṣr Muḥammd ibn Muḥammad
al-Rāzī, Muḥammad ibn Zakariyyā
Abū al-Wafā' al-Būzajānī
Mediterranean region
10th century
9th century
11th century
12th century

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