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The Chinese Nomenclatures for Inorganic Compounds of the Educational Association of China and Du Yaquan (2007)


He, Juan (Author)

Ziran Kexueshi Yanjiu (Studies in the History of Natural Sciences)
Volume: 26
Pages: 389-400

Publication Date: 2007
Edition Details: [Translated title.] In Chinese. Part of a special issue.
Language: Chinese

Abstract This paper discusses the Chinese nomenclatures for inorganic compounds of the Educational Association of China and Du Yaquan, and analyzes their similarities and differences. It is concluded that, both nomenclatures are characterized by the establishment of generic names and some qualitative prefixes; Chinese traditional names are utilized by both to establish generic names, which is a good point but fails to fully reflect t he classification of western inorganic nomenclature; the former can not avoid copying the confusion and limitations of western names of the time by establishing Chinese prefixes corresponding to those qualitative affixes of western chemical names, and hence fails to convey the exact information of the composition of a compound; by establishing Chinese prefixes that strictly correspond with the valences of elements, one can write correct formulas according to the nomenclature of the latter if he gets some basic chemical knowledge about periodic table of the elements, therefore the nomenclature of the latter could reflect the composition of a compound in an indirect way. The paper further discusses the influences of generic nomenclature and provides possible explanations for its elimination.

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Article Liao, Yuqun (2007) Retrospect and Prospect. Ziran Kexueshi Yanjiu (Studies in the History of Natural Sciences) (p. 265). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Zhang, Hao
Manuel DeLanda
Tomislav Portada
Hepler-Smith, Evan
Yaun, Zhendong
Wright, David
Ziran Kexueshi Yanjiu (Studies in the History of Natural Sciences)
Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology
Bulletin for the History of Chemistry
Ambix: Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
Zhongguo Keji Shiliao (China Historical Materials of Science and Technology)
Llull: Revista de la Sociedad Española de Historia de las Ciencias y de las Técnicas
Springer Science + Business Media
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Princeton University
Terminology and nomenclature
Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry
Yu, Heqin
Wohlwill, Emil
Smith, Alexander
Ostwald, Friedrich Wilhelm
Mitscherlich, Eilhard
Hobson, Benjamin
Time Periods
19th century
20th century, early
20th century
18th century
Heidelberg Universität
University of Chicago

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