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Fritz Lange, Klaus Fuchs, and the Remigration of Scientists to East Germany (2009)


I describe the social and political framework in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in which the remigration of scientists and other scholars to East Germany occurred after the Second World War, between 1946 and 1959. Since these included only a small number of scientists, I illustrate the problems they encountered and the opportunities they were provided during their reintegration into GDR society by discussing in some detail the cases of two physicists, Fritz Lange (1899--1987) and Klaus Fuchs (1911--1988), both of whom remigrated to East Germany in 1959 but from very different countries, the Soviet Union and Great Britain, and under dramatically different circumstances.

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Authors & Contributors
Hollinger, David A.
Kojevnikov, Alexei
Medawar, Jean
Perutz, Max F.
Pyke, David
Lourie, Richard
Journal of the History of Biology
Physics in Perspective
History of Psychology
Substantia: An International Journal of the History of Chemistry
Arcade Publishing
Brandeis University Press
Oxford University Press
Office for History of Science and Technology, University of California
Imperial College Press
Stanford University Press
Science and politics
Nuclear weapons; atomic weapons
Atomic, nuclear, and particle physics
Emigration; immigration
Sakharov, Andrei
Fuchs, Klaus
Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson
Darlington, Cyril Dean
Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich
Stalin, Joseph
Time Periods
20th century
21st century
20th century, early
20th century, late
Soviet Union
United States
Great Britain
East Germany
Stasi [Ministerium für Staatssicherheit]

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