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Ancient Imprints: Fear and the Origins of Secret Writing (2009)


Invisible ink originated in the ancient arts of love and war. Forged in a time of strife between the freedom-loving Greeks and the despotic Persians and sired in siege warfare, steganography (hidden writing) was the ultimate form of deception. While the Greeks used hidden writing in the art of warfare at the dawn of the first millennium, the Romans adopted it for the art of love. Looking back, the story of the Ancient Greeks and Romans offer us a template for better understanding the human need for secret communication and the art of invisible writing.

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Authors & Contributors
Cuomo, Serafina
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Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Archive for History of Exact Sciences
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Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
Technology and Culture
Cambridge University Press
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Hydraulic engineering
Military technology
Time Periods
Rome (Italy)
Mediterranean region
Middle and Near East

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