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The Collaboration between Albert Einstein and Maria Sklodowska-Curie (2005)


Piskurewicz, Jan (Author)

Kwartalnik Historii Nauki i Techniki
Volume: 50, no. 3-4
Issue: 3 - 4
Pages: 7-24

Publication Date: 2005
Edition Details: [Translated title.] In Polish.
Language: Polish

The paper discusses the friendly ties and collaboration between two eminent scientists, Albert Einstein and Maria Sklodowska-Curie. They collaborated not so much in strictly scientific matters, but rather in the field of scientists' organizations on the international forum. Such a forum was provided by the League of Nations, and in particular the International Committee for Intellectual Cooperation (Commission Internationale de la Cooperation Intellectuelle / CICI), a 12-member advisory body of the League. The task of the Committee was to work together with interested member-states in order to further ties of peaceful cooperation between them in the field of culture and science. The members of the Committee included eminent personalities, among them Maria Sklodowska-Curie and Albert Einstein. Very little is known about their work and collaboration within the CICI, but it is certainly a topic worth investigating, especially in view of the international importance of the scientific achievements of the two personages.


Description On their collaboration in international scientific organizations.

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Authors & Contributors
Fangerau, Heiner
Blanc, Karin
Wünsch, Danielle
Müller, Irmgard
Naranjo Orovio, Consuelo
Puig-Samper, M. Á.
Revue d'Histoire des Sciences
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Asclepio: Archivo Iberoamericano de Historia de la Medicina
Science in Context
History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences
History of Meteorology
Uppsala University, Office for the History of Science
Oxford University Press
MIT Press
Pegasus Books
Springer International Publishing
Scientific communities; interprofessional relations
International cooperation
Science and politics
Cross-national interaction
Societies; institutions; academies
Einstein, Albert
Curie, Marie Sklodowska
Loeb, Jacques
Langevin, Paul
Godlewski, Emil
Murphy, Robert Cushman
Time Periods
20th century, early
20th century
20th century, late
19th century
21st century
United States
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Junta para Ampliación de Estudios e Investigaciones Científicas (Spain)
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Oxford University
Solvay Conferences

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