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Wissenschaft und Musik -- Einführende Bemerkungen (2008)


Ash, Mitchell G. (Author)

Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Volume: 31
Pages: 87--93

Publication Date: 2008
Edition Details: Introduction to a special issue, Science and Music, the theme of the 44th symposium of the Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsgeschichte held in Munich in May 2007
Language: German

Science and music. Introductory remarks. The article presents a brief introduction to Science and Music, theme of the 44th symposium of the Society for History of Sciences held in Munich in Mai 2007. The text begins with a brief reference to the numerous biographical connections between the two fields, but focuses primarily on topics that reveal music and the sciences to be results of shared cultural practices. Examples include: (1) shared objects in the material sense, meaning the use of particular instruments in both music and the sciences; (2) shared semantics, metaphors, and concepts, for example the use of the concepts like clang or tone color in acoustics and the psychology of audition, or talk of mood and harmony in both music and in literature; (3) direct interactions between mathematics, physics and music, for example in the electronic music of the twentieth century.


Description Remarks on a symposium that sees science and music as sharing certain cultural practices. Contents:

Includes Series Articles

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Authors & Contributors
Assayag, Gérard
Rodrigues, José Francisco
Feichtinger, Hans Georg
Kassler, Jamie Croy
Rieger, Matthias
Klotz, Sebastian
Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Osiris: A Research Journal Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Science, Technology and Human Values
Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period
Annals of Science: The History of Science and Technology
Psychoanalysis and History
Oxford University Press
Leuven University Press
Johns Hopkins University Press
Science and music
Technology and music
Music theory
Science and culture
Kircher, Athanasius
Newton, Isaac
Lagrange, Joseph Louis
Diderot, Denis
Euler, Leonhard
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von
United States
19th century
20th century, late
20th century, early
17th century
14th century

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