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My Favourite Instrument (2007)


Description On the spinthariscope invented by William Crookes in the early 20th century to show visible evidence of radiation.

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Authors & Contributors
Brock, William H.
Gablot, Ginette
Coen, Deborah R.
Dörfel, Günter
Müller, Falk
Palló, Gábor
Notes and Records: The Royal Society Journal of the History of Science
Physics in Perspective
Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences
NTM: Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Medizin
Dynamis: Acta Hispanica ad Medicinae Scientiarumque Historiam Illustrandam
Royal Society of Chemistry Historical Group Newsletter
University of California Press
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
University of Chicago Press
Scientific apparatus and instruments
Science, general histories
Crookes, William
Curie, Marie Sklodowska
Becquerel, Henri
Joliot-Curie, Irène
Curie, Pierre
Joliot-Curie, Frédéric
Time Periods
20th century, early
19th century
20th century
Great Britain
Vienna (Austria)
United States
Paris (France)
Society for Psychical Research

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