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Agua de Éstige, agua de la vida (2007)


Froom the point of view of an underground Hades, the water of Styx became for the ancients an image of the underworld and of death's horror. This way, "stygian" and "Styx" were used increasingly as synonyms of "sinister", "infernal" and even of Hell. Afterwards, in acordance with the changes underwent by the conception and location of Hell, the water of Styx and the other underworld rivers, or even Hades itself, were all alike transfered to heaven. and from the outlook of this new eschatology, it was identified with life, with world's soul which vivifies the whole cosmos, with the vital strength of the souls which come down from heave to be incarnated in mortal bodies.


Description On the ancient image of the underworld and of death and its later transformation in a new eschatology to heaven which was identified with life.

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