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The Anatomy of the Brain as Instrumentalization of Reason (2008)

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Book Schramm, Helmar; Schwarte, Ludger; Lazardzig, Jan (2008) Instruments in Art and Science: On the Architectonics of Cultural Boundaries in the 17th Century. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Furdell, Elizabeth Lane
Carlino, Andrea
Arikha, Noga
Schleiner, Winfried
Pomata, Gianna
Martínez Vidal, Álvaro
Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
Renaissance Quarterly
Medical History
Würzburger Medizinhistorische Mitteilungen
Bruniana & Campanelliana: Ricerche Filosofiche e Materiali Storico-testuali
University of Rochester Press
Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine
University of Michigan Press
University of Iowa
Harvard University
Human anatomy
Scientific illustration
Western world, civilization and culture
Leonardo da Vinci
Dulaurens, André
Hippocrates of Cos
Fernel, Jean François
Gemma, Cornelius
Time Periods
16th century
17th century
15th century
Early modern
18th century

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