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Morbus---Locke's Early Essay on Disease (2000)


John Locke engaged in a systematic study of medicine from the late 1650's. In this period he acquainted himself with the three main competing natural philosophical theories of the time-Galenism, Paracelsianism and Mechanism. He was particularly interested in the work of Sennert, Helmont and Boyle. In 1666, just after the publication of Boyle's The Origine of Formes and Qualities, Locke wrote a short paper entitled Morbus. This paper gave Locke's own view of the nature of disease. Locke went out of his way to criticise Boyle's attempts to give mechanical explanations for biological phenomena. He endorsed Helmont's theory that disease was caused by "ferments" and "Archei" and re-introduced Galenic temperaments as factors of susceptibility in seminal diseases. Locke did not endorse a mechanical corpuscularianism at this stage in his career, when his contact with Boyle was most frequent. Consequently, Locke's espousal of the corpuscular philosophy in the Essay cannot be attributed to Locke's association with Boyle at this time.

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Article Anstey, Peter R. (2002) Robert Boyle and Locke's “Morbus” Entry: A Reply to J. C. Walmsley. Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period (p. 358). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Clericuzio, Antonio
Anstey, Peter R.
Alfonso-Goldfarb, Ana Maria
Debus, Allen G.
Walton, Michael Thomson
Yoshimoto, Hideyuki
Early Science and Medicine: A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period
Ambix: Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
Circumscribere: International Journal for the History of Science
化学史研究 [Kagakushi kenkyū; Journal of the Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry]
British Journal for the History of Science
History of Philosophy Quarterly
University of Chicago Press
Oxford University Press
Disease and diseases
Correspondence and corresponding
Theory of the elements
Boyle, Robert
Helmont, Jan Baptista van
Locke, John
Bacon, Francis, 1st Baron Verulam
Newton, Isaac
Hume, David
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17th century
18th century
16th century
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Royal Society of London

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