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Scotus as the Father of Modernity. The Natural Philosophy of the English Franciscan Christopher Davenport in 1652 (2007)


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Authors & Contributors
Wilson, Robert A.
Lohr, Charles H.
Möhle, Hannes
Garber, Margaret D.
Zaterka, Luciana
Ippolito, Benedetto
Acta Philosophica
Journal of the History of Philosophy
Circumscribere: International Journal for the History of Science
Revue d'Histoire des Sciences
Quaestio: annuario di storia della metafisica
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Peeters Publishers
Ashgate Publishing
Purdue University (Lafayette, Indiana)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
McGill University (Canada)
Oxford University Press
Matter theory
Roman Catholicism
Natural philosophy
Duns Scotus, Johannes
Locke, John
Boyle, Robert
Thomas Aquinas, Saint
Paracelsus, Theophrast von Hohenheim
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von
Prague (Czechia)
Great Britain
Utrecht (Netherlands)
17th century
16th century
18th century
Early modern
Jesuits (Society of Jesus)
University of Prague
Universiteit Utrecht

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