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From Algebra (1895) to Moderne Algebra (1930): Changing Conceptions of a Discipline: A Guided Tour Using the Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik (2007)

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Book Gray, Jeremy; Parshall, Karen Hunger (2007) Episodes in the History of Modern Algebra (1800--1950). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Toti Rigatelli, Laura
Waerden, Bartel Leendert van der
Franci, Raffaella
Abhyankar, S. S.
Biggs, Norman L.
Wilson, Robin J.
Historia Mathematica
American Mathematical Monthly
Istoriko-Matematicheskie Issledovaniia
Clarendon Press
Joseph Henry Press
Algebraic geometry
Dardi of Pisa
Hamilton, William Rowan
Peacock, George
Ruffini, Paolo
Bernoulli, Jakob
Time Periods
19th century
17th century
18th century

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