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The Works of Archimedes: Translated into English Together with Eutocius' Commentaries, with Commentary and Critical Edition of the Diagrams, Vol. 1 (2004)


Archimedes (Author)

Cambridge University Press

Publication Date: 2004
Edition Details: Edited and translated by Reviel Netz
Language: English

Description Contains the text of On Sphere and Cylinder books I and II, as well as Eutocius' commentary.

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Authors & Contributors
Netz, Reviel
Saito, Ken
Masià Fornos, Ramon
Zhao, Jiwei
Yusta, Piedad
Wilson, Nigel G.
Sciamvs: Sources and Commentaries in Exact Sciences
Historia Mathematica
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Nuncius: Annali di Storia della Scienza
Notices of the American Mathematical Society
Journal of Dialectics of Nature
Princeton University Press
Fundació Bernat Metge
Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura
Da Capo Press
Carocci Editore
Solid geometry
Transmission of texts
Wantzel, Pierre Laurent
Heiberg, Johan Ludvig
Viète, François de la Bigotière
Gauss, Carl Friedrich
Time Periods
19th century
Rome (Italy)
Babylon (extinct city)

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