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1905 and All That: Einstein's Miraculous Year (2005)


Stachel, John J. (Author)

Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology
Volume: 26
Pages: 5--11

Publication Date: 2005
Edition Details: [Translated title.] In Chinese.
Language: Chinese

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Authors & Contributors
Schilling, Govert
Marcacci, Flavia
Guichelaar, Jan
Stanley, Matthew
Stone, A. Douglas
Sonnert, Gerhard
Physics in Perspective
Metascience: An International Review Journal for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science
History of Physics Newsletter
Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences
European Physical Journal H
Princeton University Press
Johns Hopkins University Press
Fontaine Uitgevers
Yale University Press
University of Chicago Press
Discovery in science
Relativity, general
Gravitational waves
Einstein, Albert
Sitter, Willem de
Rutherford, Ernest, 1st Baron
Ricci Curbastro, Gregorio
Maric, Mileva
Levi-Civita, Tullio
Time Periods
20th century, early
19th century
21st century
20th century, late
20th century
17th century
United States

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