Article ID: CBB000551195

How Did Mississippians Prepare Maize? The Application of Compound-Specific Carbon Isotope Analysis to Absorbed Pottery Residues from Several Mississippi Valley Sites (2004)


Reber, E. A. (Author)
Evershed, R. P. (Author)

Volume: 46
Pages: 19--33

Publication Date: 2004
Edition Details: Part of a special section: Resolution and Refinement: Recent Advances in Archaeological Chemistry
Language: English

A newly developed compound-specific stable carbon isotope technique allows the detection of maize in absorbed organic pottery residues. This method was applied to absorbed organic residues from a variety of Mississippi Valley potsherds, and successfully identified maize components. Maize was cooked in sampled vessels less often than expected, but otherwise fitted expected patterns of maize use derived from stable carbon isotope analysis of human bone from the region. Absorbed organic pottery residue analysis is useful in determining pottery use, particularly in concert with other analytical methods.

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Authors & Contributors
Curry, Helen Anne
Curtis, Robert I.
Owens, Harry P.
Westrate, Nancy L.
Warman, Arturo
McCann, James C.
Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
American Indian Quarterly
Journal of the History of Biology
Llull: Revista de la Sociedad Española de Historia de las Ciencias y de las Técnicas
Agricultural History
Environment and History
University Press of Mississippi
University of North Carolina Press
Harvard University Press
University of Pittsburgh Press
CRC Press
Grain crops; Cereals; Grasses
Food and foods
Traditional societies and cultures
Native American civilization and culture
Krushchev, Nikita
Time Periods
20th century
19th century
18th century
20th century, early
21st century
Mississippi River (North America)
United States
North America

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