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Introduction: The History of Modern Mathematics---Writing and Rewriting (2004)


Corry, Leo (Author)

Science in Context
Volume: 17
Pages: 1-21

Publication Date: 2004
Edition Details: Volume title: New Questions and Approaches in the History of Mathematics, Part II: Modern Mathematics
Language: English

The present issue of Science in Context comprises a collection of articles dealing with various, specific aspects of the history of mathematics during the last third of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth. Like the September issue of 2003 of this journal (Vol. 16, no. 3), which was devoted to the history of ancient mathematics, this collection originated in the aftermath of a meeting held in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem in May 2001, under the title: History of Mathematics in the Last 25 Years: New Departures, New Questions, New Ideas. Taken together, these two topical issues are meant as a token of appreciation for the work of Sabetai Unguru and his achievements in the history of mathematics.


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Includes Series Articles

Article Gray, Jeremy J. (2004) Anxiety and Abstraction in Nineteenth-Century Mathematics. Science in Context (p. 23). unapi

Article Ferreirós, José (2004) The Motives behind Cantor's Set Theory -- Physical, Biological, and Philosophical Questions. Science in Context (p. 49). unapi

Article Rowe, David E. (2004) Making Mathematics in an Oral Culture: Göttingen in the Era of Klein and Hilbert. Science in Context (p. 85). unapi

Article Epple, Moritz (2004) Knot Invariants in Vienna and Princeton during the 1920s: Epistemic Configurations of Mathematical Research. Science in Context (p. 131). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Pierre Journoud
Anne-Laure Anizan
Tortoriello, Francesco Saverio
Maroscia, Paolo
Marina Dalé
Toffalori, Carlo
Time Periods
20th century
19th century
18th century
Early modern
20th century, early
United States
Great Britain
Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri)

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