Book ID: CBB000470012

The Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics (2003)


Sautoy, Marcus du (Author)

Harper Collins

Publication Date: 2003
Physical Details: 335 pp.; ill.; bib.; index
Language: English

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Authors & Contributors
Berndt, Bruce C.
Sabbagh, Karl
Ono, Ken
Borwein, Jonathan M.
Borwein, Peter B.
Echeverría, Javier
Scientific American
Arbor: Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura
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Pantheon Books
Number theory; number concept
Sequences and series (mathematics)
Riemann, Georg Friedrich Bernhard
Ramanujan, Srinivasa
Filelfo, Francesco
Bose, Jagadis Chandra, Sir
Weierstrass, Karl Theodor
Gauss, Carl Friedrich
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
20th century, early
Great Britain

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