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Correspondence with Sir Lawrence Bragg Regarding Evidence for the Ionic Bond (2002)


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Authors & Contributors
Stranges, Anthony N.
Kohler, Robert E., Jr.
Jensen, William B.
Yamatera, Hideo
Woody, Andrea I.
Simões, Ana I.
Journal of Chemical Education
Bulletin for the History of Chemistry
Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences
Physis: Rivista Internazionale di Storia della Scienza
Physics Teacher
科学史研究 Kagakusi Kenkyu (History of Science)
University of Maryland, College Park
Texas A&M University Press
Harwood Academic
University of Wisconsin
University of Pittsburgh
Valency; bonds
Structural chemistry
Explanation; hypotheses; theories
Lewis, Gilbert Newton
Langmuir, Irving
Parson, Alfred Locke
Abegg, Richard
Werner, Alfred
Lowry, Thomas Martin
Time Periods
20th century
19th century

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