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History of Philosophy of Science: New Trends and Perspectives (2002)


Heidelberger, Michael (Editor)
Stadler, Friedrich K. (Editor)


Publication Date: 2002
Physical Details: x + 440 pp., illus., bibl., index
Language: English

Description Contents: Chiara, M. L. D., Giuntini, R., On the Notion of “Law”; Frasca-Spada, M., Hume on Sense Impressions and Objects; Friedman, M., Kant, Kuhn, and the Rationality of Science; Schaäfer, L., Neo-Kantian Origins of Modern Empiricism: on the Relation between Popper and the Vienna Circle; Simonsen, W., Concerning some Philosophical Reasons for the Recourse of Mathematics in the Study of Physical Phenomena in the Thought of Newton and Leibniz; Anderson, L., Kant on the Apriority of Causal Laws; Snyder, L. J., Whewell and the Scientists: Science and Philosophy of Science in 19th Century Britain; Van Atten, M., Brouwer's Argument for the Unity of Scientific Theories; De Courtenay, N., The Role of Models in Boltzmann's Lectures on Natural Philosophy (1903-1906); Sterrett, S. G., Physical Pictures: Engineering Models circa 1914 and in Wittgenstein's Tractatus; Hardcastle, G., The Modern History of Scientific Explanation; Stump, D. J., From the Values of Scientific Philosophy to the Value Neutrality of the Philosophy of Science; McDonald, P. J., Helmholtz's Methodology of Sensory Science, the Zeichentheorie, and Physical Models of Hearing Mechanisms; Neuber, M., Physics without Pictures? The Ostwald-Boltzmann Controversy, and Mach's (Unnoticed) Middle-Way; Wilholt, T., Ludwig Boltzmann's Mathematical Argument for Atomism; Majer, U., Hilbert's Program to Axiomatize Physics (in Analogy to Geometry) and its Impact on Schlick, Carnap and other Members of the Vienna Circle; Sauer, T., Hopes and Disappointments in Hilbert's Axiomatic “Foundations of Physics”; Rédei, M., Mathematical Physics and Philosophy of Physics (with Special Consideration of J. von Neumann's Work); Stöltzner, M., How Metaphysical is “Deepening the Foundations”: Hahn and Frank on Hilbert's Axiomatic Method; Dickson, M., The EPR Experiment: a Prelude to Borh's Reply to EPR; Brenner, A., The French Connection: Conventionalism and the Vienna Circle; Houkes, W., Carnap on Logic and Experience; Koterski, A., Affinities between Fleck and Neurath; Hacohen, M., Critical Rationalism, Logical Positivism, and the Post-structuralist Conundrum: Reconsidering the Neurath-Popper Debate; Hofer, V., Philosophy of Biology around the Vienna Circle: Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Joseph Henry Woodger and Philip Frank; Holton, G., B.F. Skinner and P.W. Bridgman: the Frustration of a Wahlverwandtschaft; Stern, D., Sociology of Science, Rule Following and Forms of Life; Carus, A. W., The Philosopher without Qualities; Uebel, T., The Poverty of “Constructivist” History (and Policy Advice); Uebel, T., Otto Neurath und der erste Wiener Kreis; Zilsel, E., The Social Origins of Modern Science; Hacohen, M., Karl Popper: The formative Years 1902-1545: Politics and Philosophy in Interwar Vienne; Rusnock, P., Bolzano's Philosophy and the Emergence of Modern Mathematics; Dölling, E., “Wahrheit suchen und Wahrheit bekennen”: Alexius Meinong: Skizze seines Lebens; Howard, D., Stachel, J., Einstein: The Formative Years 1879-1909. (from publisher's web page)

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Review Tsou, Jonathan Y. (2005) Review of "History of Philosophy of Science: New Trends and Perspectives". British Journal for the History of Science (p. 355). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Paladini, Filippo Maria
Indergaard, Mentz
Gregory A. Waselkov
D'Angelo, Fabio
Freis, David
Gouarné, Isabelle
Icon: Journal of the International Committee for the History of Technology
Journal of Applied Phycology
Studia Historiae Scientiarum
European Journal for the History of Medicine and Health
Science, Technology, and Human Values
Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Cierre edizioni
Norges Forskningsr°ad (Research Council of Norway)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Tennessee Press
Oxford University Press
Congresses, conferences, and meetings
History of technology, as a discipline
Science and technology studies (STS)
Science and society
International relations
Gérard, Jean (1890-1956)
Time Periods
20th century, late
21st century
20th century
19th century
20th century, early
Padua (Italy)
Milan (Italy)
Southern states (U.S.)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
International Committee for the History of Technology
Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
Vichy Regime
Philosophical Society of Edinburgh
History of Science Society

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