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Patients in the History of Homeopathy (2002)


Dinges, Martin (Editor)

European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Publications

Publication Date: 2002
Physical Details: xiv + 434 pp., illus., figs., tables., bibl., indexes.
Language: English

Description Contents: Dinges, Martin, Patients in the History of Homoeopathy; Jütte, Robert, “And [the money] accumulates, without annoyance on the part of the patient, in the doctor's purse”: Samuel Hahnemann and the Question of Fees; Schreiber, Kathrin, Was Hahnemann Driven out of Leipzig? The Leipzig Practice and Why Hahnemann Moved to Köthen in 1821: Patient Numbers and Polemics; Stolberg, Michael, The Experience of Illness and the Doctor-Patient Relationship in Samuel Hahnemann's Patient Correspondence; Dinges, Martin, Men's Bodies “Explained” on a Daily Basis in Letters from Patients to Samuel Hahnemann (1830-35); Ritzmann, Iris, Children as Patients in Early Homoeopathy; Nicholls, Phillip A., Class, Status and Gender: Toward a Sociology of the Homoeopathic Patient in Nineteenth-Century Britain; Kotok, Alexander, Patients of Russian Pre-World War I Homoeopathy; Pétursdóttir, Sigrídur Svana, “Patients don't care from where the cure comes”: Patients' Choice of a Homoeopathic Lay Healer in Iceland; Brade, Anna-Elisabeth, Sören Jensen---a Danish Homoeopath, His Time and His Patients (1874-84); Faure, Olivier, Léon Vannier's Patients in the 1930s; Gijswijt-Hofstra, Marijke, The Haverhoeks and Their Patients: The Popularity of Unqualified Homoeopaths in the Netherlands in the Early Twentieth Century; Baal, Anne Hilde van, Homoeopathy in Nineteenth-Century Flanders: The Patients of the Ghent Homoeopath Gustave van den Berghe (1869-1902); Hattori, Osamu, Co-operation and Tensions between Homoeopathic Lay Societies and Homoeopathic Doctors: The Homoeopathic Lay Movement in Württemberg during the Professionalisation of the Medical Profession, 1868-1921; Günther, Martina, Römermann, Hans, The Homoeopathic Patient in General Practice: Findings of a Comparative Poll of Patients in Conventional Medical Practices and Homoeopathic Private and Health Insurance Scheme Practices; Fraiz, Opijucan Calixto, Fortes, Lore, Homoeopathy from the Patient's Standpoint: An Empirical Study in the City of Curitiba (Brazil), 1998-99; Stollberg, Gunnar, Patients and Homoeopathy: An Overview of Sociological Literature; Leary, Bernard, The Influence of Patients in the Provision of Homoeopathy in Great Britain: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries; Rogers, Naomi, The Public Face of Homoeopathy: Politics, the Public and Alternative Medicine in the United States, 1900-40; Kirschmann, Anne Taylor, Struggle for Survival: The American Foundation for Homeopathy and the Preservation of Homoeopathy in the United States, 1920-30.

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Authors & Contributors
Dinges, Martin
Jütte, Robert
Eklöf, Motzi
Nelson, Marie Clark
Herzlich, Claudine
Gijswijt-Hofstra, Marijke
Medizin, Gesellschaft, und Geschichte
Sudhoffs Archiv: Zeitschrift fuer Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
History of the Human Sciences
Historical Research: The Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Publications
Alfred A. Knopf
Amsterdam University Press
Oxford University Press
Alternative medicine
Health care
Medicine and society
Copeland, Royal S. (Royal Samuel)
Hahnemann, Christian Friedrich Samuel
Kuyper, Abraham
Down, John Langdon Haydon
Bönninghausen, Clemens Maria Franz von
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
18th century
21st century
17th century
Early modern
United States
Great Britain
Bengal (India)
Southeast Asia
Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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