Book ID: CBB000102421

Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Vol. IV (2000)


Kimble, Gregory A. (Editor)
Werthheimer, Michael (Editor)
White, Charlotte (Editor)

American Psychological Association

Publication Date: 2000
Physical Details: 403 pp., illus., bibl., index
Language: English

Description Collection of 21 biographies. Contents: Alfred H. Fuchs: The Psychology of Thomas Upham. Helmut E. Adler: Herman Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmoltz: Physicist and Psychologist. D. Brett King: George Croom Robertson and Mind: Psychology's First Editor. Helga Sprung; Lothar Sprung: Carl Stumpf: Theoretician, Musicologist, and Promoter. Lothar Sprung; Helga Sprung: George Elias Müller: The Beginnings of Modern Psychology. Arthur R. Jensen: Charles E. Spearman: Discoverer of g. Benjamin, Ludy T., Jr.: Hugo Münsterberg: Portrait of an Applied Psychologist. Jennifer Randall Crosby; Albert H. Hastorf: Lewis Terman: Scientist of Mental Measurement, Man of His Time. Roediger, Henry L., III: Sir Fredrick Bartlett: Experimental and Applied Psychologist. Bernard J. Paris: Karen Horney: Three Phases of her Thought. Robert V. Guthrie: Francis Cecil Sumner: First African American Pioneer in Psychology. Bertram F. Malle; William Ickes: Fritz Heider: Philosopher and Psychologist. Ethel Tobach: T. C. Schneirla: Pioneer in Laboratory and Field Psychology. James N. Butcher: Starke Hathaway: Biography of an Empiricist. Douglas C. Kimmel; Linda Garnets: What a Light it Shed: The Life of Evelyn Hooker. Donald A. Dewsbury: Frank Beach, Master Teacher. Roger N. Shepard: Carl Iver Hovland: Statesman of Psychology, Sterling Human Being. Jack Brigham: Stuart Cook: The Complete Psychologist. Antonio E. Puente: Roger W. Sperry: Nobel Laureate, Neuroscientist, and Psychologist. Arthur Jensen: Hans Eysenck: Apostle of the London School. David Finkelman; Frank Kessel: Sigmund Koch: Human Agency and the Psychological Studies.

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Authors & Contributors
Fahrenberg, Jochen
Bauer, Eberhard
Jahnke, Jürgen
Stegie, Reiner
Kursell, Julia
Buchanan, Roderick D.
History of Psychology
American Psychologist
Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Osiris: A Research Journal Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Science in Context
Little, Brown
University of Virginia Press
Verlag J. H. Röll
Oxford University Press
Experimental psychology
Stumpf, Carl
Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von
Wundt, Wilhelm Max
Heider, Fritz
Sumner, Francis Cecil
Terman, Lewis Madison
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
20th century, early
United States
Great Britain
North America: United States; Canada
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
University of Minnesota

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