Book ID: CBB000101924

Thinking about Evolution: Historical, Philosophical, and Political Perspectives (2001)


Singh, Rama S. (Editor)
Krimbas, Costas B. (Editor)
Paul, Diane B. (Editor)
Beatty, John H. (Editor)

Cambridge University Press

Publication Date: 2001
Physical Details: xvii + 606 pp., illus., bibl.
Language: English

Description Festschrift in honor of Richard Lewontin, the second of two volumes. (The first volume, Evolutionary Genetics from Molecules to Morphology, honors Lewontin's more technical contributions to genetics and evolutionary biology.) Preface. Introduction. Richard Lewontin: Does culture evolve? Part A. History of and in Evolutionary Biology. Richard Lewontin; Diane Paul; John Beatty; Costas Krimbas: The nature of evolutionary biology: An interchange; John Beatty: Hannah Arendt and Karl Popper: Darwinism, Fatalism and Totalitarianism; Jean Gayon; Michel Veuille: The genetics of experimental populations: L'Heritier and Teisser's population cages; Diane Paul; Hamish Spencer: Did eugenics rest on an elementary mistake?; Rafi Falk: Can the norm of reaction save the gene concept?; Maryellen Ruvolo; Mark Seielstad: The apportionment of human diversity twenty-five years later; Rama Singh: The Indian caste system: Origin, evolution and impact on human diversity; Part B. Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology. Russel Gray: Selfish genes or developmental systems?; Stephen J. Gould: The evolutionary definition of selective agency, the validation of the theory of hierarchical selection, and the fallacy of the selfish gene; Sahotra Sarkar: Reductionism in genetics and the human genome project; Peter Godfrey-Smith: Organism and environment; Lisa Lloyd: Levels and units of selection; Costas Krimbas: In defense of neo-Darwinism: Popper's “Darwinism as a metaphysical programme” revisited; Elliot Sober: The two faces of fitness; Jeffrey C. Schank; Bill Wimsatt: Evolvability: adaptation and modularity; Robert Brandon: Organism and environment revisited; Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini: An “irreducible” component of cognition; Part C. The Politics of Evolutionary Biology. Robert Proctor: What causes cancer? A political history of recent debates; Philip Kitcher: Battling the undead: How (and how not) to resist genetic determinism; Steven Rose: The rise of neurogenetic determinism; Evan Balaban: Behavior genetics: Galen's prophecy or Malpighi's legacy?; Ruth Hubbard: Identity politics and biology; John Vandermeer: The agroecosystem: The modern vision in crisis, the alternative evolving; Jean-Pierre Berlan: Political economy of agricultural genetics; Richard Levins: The butterfly ex machina; Robert Haynes: Evoking transmutational dread: Military and civilian uses of nuclear and genetic alchemies; Peter Taylor: From natural selection to natural construction to disciplining unruly complexity: The challenge of integrating ecological dynamics into evolutionary theory.

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Review Skipper, Robert Alan, Jr. (2002) Review of "Thinking about Evolution: Historical, Philosophical, and Political Perspectives". Philosophy of Science (p. 540). unapi

Review Ruse, Michael (2002) Review of "Thinking about Evolution: Historical, Philosophical, and Political Perspectives". Perspectives in Biology and Medicine (p. 141). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Ross, Don
Achinstein, Peter
Hull, David L.
Wolfe, Audra Jayne
Kay, Lily E.
Condit, Celeste Michelle
History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences
Biology and Philosophy
Journal of the History of Biology
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University
Johns Hopkins University Press
Editora Livraria da Física
University of Pittsburgh Press
Drew University
Philosophy of science
Science and religion
Science and politics
Darwin, Charles Robert
Dawkins, Richard
Gould, Stephen Jay
Dennett, Daniel Clement
Lewontin, Richard
Dewey, John
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
21st century
20th century, late
17th century
Great Britain
Soviet Union
Human Genome Project

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