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Historical Concepts of Unconventional Medicine: Approaches, Concepts, Case Studies (2001)


Description Contents: Robert Jütte: Alternative Medicine and Medico-Historical Semantics. Claudine Herzlich: Patients, Practitioners, Social Scientists and the Multiple Logics of Caring and Healing. Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra: A Sense of Gender: Different Histories of Illness and Healing Alternatives. Martin Dinges: The Contribution of the Comparative Approach to the History of Homoeopathy. Gerda Bonderup: Danish Society and Folk Healers 1780-1825. Sofia Ling: Physicians, Quacks and the Field of Medicine: A Case Study of Quackery in Nineteenth-Century Sweden. Motzi Eklöf: Doctor or Quack: Legal and Lexical Definitions in Twentieth-Century Sweden. Riitta Oittinen: Health, Horror and Dreams for Sale: Patent Medicine and Quackery in Prewar Finland. Michael Stolberg: Alternative Medicine, Irregular Healers, and the Medical Market in Nineteenth-Century Bavaria. Phillip Nicholls: The Social Construction and Organisation of Medical Marginality: The Case of Homoeopathy in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Britain. Sigrídur Svana Pétursdóttir: Homeopathy in Iceland. Elisabeth Hsu: Figuratively Speaking of “Danger of Death” in Chinese Pulse Diagnostics. Gry Sagli: Chinese Medical Concepts in Biomedical Culture: The Case of Acupuncture in Norway. Barbara Wolf-Braun: “The higher order of the natural laws and the wrong of world of hysterical mediums”: Medicine and the Occult “Fringe” at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century in Germany.

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Authors & Contributors
Dinges, Martin
Theriot, Nancy M.
Jütte, Robert
Nicholls, Phillip A.
Pétursdóttir, Sigrídur Svana
Faure, Olivier
Historia Scientiarum: International Journal of the History of Science Society of Japan
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
Social History of Medicine
Historical Research: The Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
Circumscribere: International Journal for the History of Science
Medizin, Gesellschaft, und Geschichte
European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Publications
New York University Press
Amsterdam University Press
University of South Carolina
Foundation Books
University of California, Berkeley with the University of California, San Francisco
Medicine, traditional
Medicine and society
Medicine, Chinese traditional
Physicians; doctors
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
18th century
17th century
Meiji period (Japan, 1868-1910)
Early modern

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