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The emergence of modern physics: Proceedings of a conference commemorating a century of physics, Berlin 22-24 March 1995 (1996)


Hoffmann, Dieter (Editor)
Bevilacqua, Fabio (Editor)
Stuewer, Roger H. (Editor)

La Goliardica Pavese

Publication Date: 1996
Physical Details: 529 pp.; notes

Description Contents: Abiko, Seiya: What was it that brought forth the succession of fundamental discoveries, 1895-1897. D'Agostino, Salvo: The 1890s physics of the “effects”: A turning point in the theory-experiment relationship. Doncel, Manuel G.: The concept of field as ingredient of modern physics. Kragh, Helge: The new rays and the failed anti-materialistic revolution. Hessenbruch, Arne; Die Physikalisch Technische Reichsanstalt und der Standard der Röntgenstrahlenintensität. Holmberg, Peter; Early X-rays in Finland. Kipnis, Nachum: Early theory of X-rays. Provost, Sylvie: Experiments by W.H. Bragg (1862-1942) and his son in view of developing Bragg's law and its subsequent exploration of matter. Sretenova, Nikolina: X-ray research in Bulgaria, 1896-1915. Palló, Gábor: Skepticism and interest: The Hungarian reception of radioactivity. Radvanyi, Pierre, Bordy, Monique: X-Rays and radioactivity: A compete surprise. Rechenberg, H.; Air electricity and radioactivity: Prehistory and discovery of cosmic radiation. Roqué, Xavier: Marie Curie as metrologist of radium. Hentschel, Klaus: William Jackson Humphrey's interpretation of pressure shifts and the broadening of spectral lines in terms of the Zeeman effect. Wolff, Stefan L.: P. Zeeman and W. Voigt: Eine wissenschaftliche Freudschaft. Wolfschmidt, Gudrun: Early application of the Zeeman effect in astronomy. Bonk, Thomas: Elektronen, Neutronen und Kerne: 1932. Isobel Falconer: Corpuscels to electons. Kaiser, Walter: Zur Elektronengastheorie der Metalle. Kubbinga, Henk: The concept of molecule in physics, 1900-1933. Lelong, Benoît: X-rays and the discharge of electricity through gases in Paris and Cambridge, 1896-1900: A comparative study of experimental practice and laboratory culture. Robotti, Nadia: Electrodynamics and the electron. Gorelik, Gennady: How Plack discovered quantum gravity scale. Liu, Chuang: Planck and the special theory of relativity. Glatz, Peter: Physiker zur Entwicklung der Energiesysteme im ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert. Kaiserfeld, Thomas: You can't always get what you want: A physicist's struggle for means in the era of industrial research. Bernhardt, Karl-Heinz: Die Entdeckung der Stratosphäre. Dörfel, Günter: Über eine frühe Parallele zur Nyquistschen Rauschformel. Dörries, Matthias: Physics and the spirit of collecting: The spectorscopist Heinrich Kayser. Grandin, Karl: C.W. Oseen and the establishment of a modern theoretical physics in Sweden. Handel, Kai: Festkörpertheoretische versus teilchentheoretische Forschungsstile: Die Entwicklung der mikroskopischen Theorie der Supraleitung. Beyler, Richard H.: “Der Kulturtráger” und “Das Teamwork” within the development of modern physics in Germany. Hon, Giora: Dynamics vs. structure: Contrasting features inherent to physics. Leiber, Theodor: Atomic hypotheses and the development of modern physics and chemistry, from Boltzmann to Einstein. Rossi, Arcangelo: Kantianism and physics in the late 19th century. Schiemann, Gregor: Was heisst “Moderne Physik”? Sebesta, Juraj: Physics at the turn of the century: Methodological innovations. Hergert, Wolfram: Hermann Knobloch, Gründungsmitglied der Physikalischen Gesellschaft. Barth, Michael: J.C. Poggendorffs Briefe an seine Verleger: Einschätzung einer neuen Quelle. Tobies, Renate: Physikalische Gesellschaft und Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung. Rechenberg, H.: Quanten- und Relativitätstheorie im Spiegel der Tagungen und Publikationsorgane der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft. Kant, Horst: Peter Debye und die Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. Hoffmann, Dieter, Stange, Thomas: East Germany's physic(ist)s in the light of the Physikalische Blätter.

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Authors & Contributors
Walker, Mark
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Cambridge University Press
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Nuclear weapons; atomic weapons
Public health
Hospitals and clinics
Wiegleb, Johann Christian
Bothe, Walther
Joliot-Curie, Frédéric
Berkeley, Edmund Callis
Hubble, Edwin Powell
Simon, Franz
Time Periods
20th century
19th century
21st century
18th century
20th century, late
North America: United States; Canada
United States
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
London (England)
Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad Company

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