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Religion, philosophy, and science: John Locke and Limborch's circle in Amsterdam (1999)

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Book Force, James E.; Katz, David S. (1999) Everything connects: In conference with Richard H. Popkin. Essays in his honor. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Rogers, G. A. J.
Zarone, Giuseppe
Yolton, John W.
Wilson, Margaret Dauler
Vienne, Jean-Michel
Stuart, Matthew F.
Revue International de Philosophie
Journal of the History of Philosophy
The Locke Newsletter
Rivista di Filosofia
Journal of the History of Ideas
History of Philosophy Quarterly
De Donato
University of Tennessee
Ohio State University
Classification of knowledge
Science fiction
Locke, John
Newton, Isaac
Hobbes, Thomas
Limborch, Philippus van
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von
Lambert, Johann Heinrich
Time Periods
17th century
British Isles

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