Book ID: CBB000080010

The science studies reader (1999)


Biagioli, Mario (Editor)
Galison, Peter Louis (Editor)
Haraway, Donna Jeanne (Editor)
Martin, Emily (Editor)
Traweek, Sharon (Editor)


Publication Date: 1999
Physical Details: xviii + 590 pp.; notes; bibl.; index

Description Some essays are previously unpublished. Contents: Barad, Karen: Agential realism: Feminist interventions in understanding scientific practices (1998). Biagioli, Mario: Aporias of scientific authorship: Credit and responsibility in contemporary biomedicine (1998). Bourdieu, Pierre: The specificity of the scientific field and the social conditions of the progress of reason (1975, abridged 1998). Brain, Robert M., Wise, M. Norton: Muscles and engines: Indicator diagrams and Helmholtz's graphical methods (1994, abridged 1998). Callon, Michel: Some elements of a sociology of translation: Domestication of the scallops and the fishermen of St. Brieuc Bay (1986, abridged 1998). Cohen, Sande: Reading science studies writing (1997, abridged 1998). Collins, H.M.: The TEA set: Tacit knowledge and scientific networks (1974). Daston, Lorraine: Objectivity and the escape from perspective (1992). Davidson, Arnold I.: Styles of reasoning, conceptual history, and the emergence of psychiatry (1996, abridged 1998). Galison, Peter: Trading zone: Coordinating action and belief (1997, abridged 1998). Hacking, Ian: Making up people (1986). Haraway, Donna J.: Situtated knowledges: The science question in feminism and the privilege of partial perspective (1988). Hart, Roger: On the problem of Chinese science (1998). Hughes, Thomas P.: The evolution of large technological systems (1987, abridged 1998). Kay, Lily E.: In the beginning was the word?: The genetic code and the book of life (1998). Keller, Evelyn Fox: The gender/science system: or, Is sex to gender as nature is to science? (1987). Kohler, Robert E.: Moral economy, material culture, and community in Drosophila genetics (1998). Latour, Bruno: Give me a laboratory and I will raise the world (1983, abridged 1998). Latour, Bruno: One more turn after the social turn ... (1992, abridged 1998). Lenoir, Timothy: Was the last turn the right turn?: The semiotic turn and A.J. Greimas (1992). Lloyd, Geoffrey: Science in antiquity: The Greek and Chinese cases and their relevance to the problems of culture and cognition (1996). Lynch, Michael, Law, John: Pictures, texts, and objects: The literary language game of bird-watching (1988, abridged 1998). Mackenzie, Donald: Nuclear missile testing and the social construction of accuracy (1990, abridged 1998). Martin, Emily: Toward an anthropology of immunology: The body as nation state (1990). Pickering, Andrew: The mangle of practice: Agency and emergence in the sociology of science (1993). Porter, Theodore M.: Quantification and the accounting ideal in science (1992). Rabinow, Paul: Artificiality and enlightenment: From sociobiology to biosociality (1992, abridged 1998). Rheinberger, Hans-Jörg: Experimental systems: Historiality, narration, and deconstruction (1994). Rotman, Brian: Thinking dia-grams: Mathematics and writing (1995, abridged 1998). Rouse, Joseph: Understanding scientific practices: Cultural studies of science as a philosophical program (1998). Schaffer, Simon: Late Victorian metrology and its instrumentation: A manufactory of Ohms (1992, abridged 1998). Shapin, Steven: The house of experiment in 17th-century England (1988). Star, Susan Leigh, Griesemer, James R.: Institutional ecology, “translation”, and boundary objects: Amateurs and professionals in Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, 1907-39 (1989, abridged 1998). Traweek, Sharon: Pilgrim's progress: Male tales told during a life in physics (1988, abridged 1998). Turkle, Sherry: What are we thinking about when we are thinking about computers? (1995, abridged 1998). Wylie, Alison: The engendering of archaeology: Refiguring feminist science studies (1997, abridged 1998).

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Authors & Contributors
Basile, Bruno
Altieri Biagi, Maria Luisa
Heath-Stubbs, John
Salman, Phillips
Mackay, Alan L.
Huisman, Bruno
Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
MIT Press
Oxford University Press
Crane, Russak
University Press of America
Sociology of knowledge
National Socialism
Comte, Auguste
Time Periods
20th century
17th century
19th century
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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