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Science in the 20th century (1997)


Krige, John G. (Editor)
Pestre, Dominique (Editor)

Harwood Academic

Publication Date: 1997
Physical Details: xxxv + 941 pp.; illus.; notes; index

Description Contents: Dennis, Michael Aaron: Historiography of science: An American perspective. Schaffer, Simon: What is science? W. Faulkner, E.A. Kerr: On seeing Brockenspectres: Sex and gender in twentieth-century science. Pestre, Dominique: Science, political power and the state. Bonneuil, Christophe: Crafting and disciplining the tropics: Plant science in the French colonies. Porter, Theodore M.: The management of society by numbers. Cohen, Yves: Scientific management and the production process. Cozzens, Susan E.: The discovery of growth: Statistical glimpses of 20th-century science. Pavitt, Keith: Academic research, technical change and government policy. Geiger, Roger L.: Science and the university: Patterns from the US experience in the 20th century. Mendelsohn, Everett: Science, scientists and the military. Carlson, W. Bernard: Innovation and the modern corporation: From heroic invention to industrial science. L. Galambos, J.L. Sturchio: The transformation of the pharmaceutical industry in the 20th century. Collett, John Peter: The history of electronics: From vacuum tubes to transistors. Berkhout, Frans: Science in public policy: A history of high-level radioactive waste management. Kevles, Daniel J.: From eugenics to genetic manipulation. Bensaude Vincent, Bernadette: In the name of science. K. Steinmüller: Science fiction and science in the 20th century. Kemp, Martin: Seeing and picturing: Visual representation in 20th-century science. Doel, Ronald E.: The earth sciences and geophysics. Kingsland, Sharon: Neo-Darwinism and natural history. Lawrence, Christopher: Clinical research. I. Löwy: Cancer: The century of the transformed cell. Moulin, Anne Marie: A science “dans le siecle”: Immunology or the science of boundaries. Abir-Am, Pnina G.: The molecular transformation of 20th-century biology. Kamminga, Harmke: Biochemistry, molecules and macromolecules. Furukawa, Yasu: Polymer chemistry. Nye, Mary Jo: Atomic and molecular science 1900-1960. Hoddeson, Lillian: Solid state science. Schweber, Silvan S.: From “elementary” to “fundamental” particles. Mahoney, Michael S.: Computer science: The search for a mathematical theory. Hufbauer, Karl: Astronomy. Dahan Dalmedico, Amy: Mathematics in the 20th century. Galison, Peter: Material culture, theoretical culture and delocalization. Gaudilliere, Jean-Paul: Biologists at work: Experimental practices in the 20th-century life sciences. Fitzgerald, Deborah: Mastering nature and yeoman: Agricultural science in the 20th century. P.J.T. Morris, A.S. Travis: The role of physical instrumentation in structural organic chemistry. Brenni, Paolo: Physics instruments in the 20th century. Edgerton, David: Science in the United Kingdom: A study in the nationalization of science. Krementsov, Nikolai: Russian science in the 20th century. Walker, Mark: 20th-century German science: Institutional innovation and adaptation. Owens, Larry: Science in the United States. Vessuri, Hebe M.C.: Science in Latin America. D. Raina, A. Jain: Big science and the university in India. Bartholomew, James R.: Science in 20th-century Japan. Krige, John: The politics of European scientific collaboration.

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Authors & Contributors
Wertheimer, Jürgen
Pursell, Carroll W.
Rainey, Reuben M.
Byrne, Patrick H.
Kevles, Daniel J.
Holloway, David
Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Actes du ... Congrès International d'Histoire des Sciences
Annals of Science: The History of Science and Technology
Osiris: A Research Journal Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
distributed by Scholars' Press
Izd-vo Polit. Lit-ry
Free Association Books
Research institutes; research stations
Freud, Sigmund
Einstein, Albert
Lenin, Vladimir Il'Ich
Kruyt, Hugo Rudolph
Eddington, Arthur Stanley
Burhoe, Ralph Wendell
Time Periods
20th century
North America: United States; Canada
Russia; Baltic States; Finland
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
British Isles
Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway
The Netherlands: Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg
Vienna Circle
Wenner-Gren Center

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