Book ID: CBB000075196

Frege: Importance and legacy (1996)


Schirn, Matthias (Editor)

de Gruyter

Publication Date: 1996
Physical Details: ix + 466 pp.; notes; index

Description Partial contents: Schirn, Matthias: Frege on the foundations of arithmetic and geometry. Resnik, Michael D.: On positing mathematical objects. Tait, W.W.: Frege versus Cantor and Dedekind: On the concept of number. Schirn, Matthias: On Frege's introduction of cardinal numbers as logical objects. Hale, Bob, Wright, Crispin: Nominalism and the contingency of abstract objects. Heck, Richard G.: Definition by induction in Frege's Grundgesetze der Arithmetik. Boolos, George: Whence the contradiction? Dummett, Michael: Reply to Boolos. Thiel, Christian: On the structure of Frege's system of logic. Simons, Peter: The horizontal. Kutschera, Franz von: Frege and natural deduction.

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Review Haddock, G.E. Rosado (1998) Review of "Frege: Importance and legacy". History and Philosophy of Logic (pp. 249-66). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Weiner, Joan
Schüler, Wolfgang
Simons, Peter M.
Hill, Claire Ortiz
Schirn, Matthias
Picardi, Eva
History and Philosophy of Logic
Monist: An International Quarterly Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry
Theoria (0495-4548)
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophical Quarterly
Harvard University Press
Cambridge University Press
Oxford University Press
Princeton University
Philosophy of mathematics
Number theory; number concept
Frege, Gottlob
Husserl, Edmund
Peirce, Charles Sanders
Hilbert, David
Calvino, Italo
Cantor, Georg Ferdinand Ludwig
Time Periods
19th century
20th century, early
20th century
North America

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