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German essays on science in the 19th century (1996)


Schirmacher, Wolfgang (Editor)


Publication Date: 1996
Physical Details: xii + 313 pp.; bibl.

Description Contents: Alexander Von Humboldt: Reflections on the enjoyment presented to us by nature. Lorenz Oken: On the utility of natural history. Carl Ritter: Attempt at a general comparative geography. Leonhard Euler: Of mathematics in general. Karl Friedrich Gauss: Foundations of mathematics. Justus Von Liebig: On the study of the natural sciences. Adelbert Von Chamisso: A survey of botany and the plant kingdom. Christoph Von Hufeland: Duration of the life of plants. Alfred E. Brehm: The importance of birds in the economy of nature. Rudolf Virchow: The task of the natural sciences. Paul Ehrlich: On immunity with special reference to cell life. Hermann Von Helmholtz: The physiological causes of harmony in music. Adam MÜller: On the art of listening. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg: On physiognomy. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi: The art of human education. Johann Jakob Bachofen: My life in retrospect. Leopold Von Ranke: History and philosophy. Jacob Burckhardt: On fortune and misfortune in history. Rudolf Von Ihering: The struggle for law. Friedrich Carl Von Savigny: Origin of positive law. Carl Von Clausewitz: On military genius. Friedrich List: Labor and the division of labor. Ernst Abbe: Profit sharing in large industry. Joseph Von Fraunhoffer: Of the refractive and the dispersive power of glass. Gottfried Daimler: On the novelty of my patent number 28022: A reply. Werner Von Siemens: Science, technology, and organization.

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Authors & Contributors
Mackay, Alan L.
Basile, Bruno
Altieri Biagi, Maria Luisa
Coley, Noel G.
Hall, Vance M. D.
Heath-Stubbs, John
Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
MIT Press
Oxford University Press
Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
Crane, Russak
Sociology of knowledge
Comte, Auguste
Time Periods
17th century
20th century
19th century
Indian sub-continent
Central Asia: India, Afghanistan, Tibet
Ancient Near and Middle East: Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Persia
Middle and Near East

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