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Encyclopedia and utopia: The life and work of Otto Neurath (1882-1945) (1996)


Nemeth, Elisabeth (Editor)
Stadler, Friedrich K. (Editor)

Kluwer Academic

Publication Date: 1996
Edition Details: With the first publication of Otto Neurath's full manuscript on “Visual education” and the documentation of the Otto Neurath Nachlasss (Haarlem, The Netherlands).
Physical Details: xii + 401 pp.; notes; index

Description Contents: Stadler, Friedrich: Otto Neurath: Encyclopedia and utopia. Nemeth, Elisabeth: Otto Neurath's vision of science between utopia and encyclopedia. Neurath, Paul: Otto Neurath (1882-1945): Life and work. Haller, Rudolf: Otto Neurath: For and against. Cartwright, Nancy, Uebel, Thomas E.: Philosophy in the earthly plane. Dahms, Hans-Joachim: Vienna Circle and French Enlightenment: A comparison of Diderot's Encyclopédie with Neurath's International encyclopedia of unified science. Tega, Walter: Atlases, cities, mosaics: Neurath and the Encyclopédie. Reisch, George: Terminology in action: Neurath and the International encyclopedia of unified science. Mormann, Thomas: Encyclopedism as an anti-Cartesian account of language and science. Uebel, Thomas E.: Normativity and convention: On the constructivist element of Neurath's naturalism. Stöltzner, Michael: The auxiliary motive in the forest and in optics. Grundmann, Thomas: Can science be likened to a well-written fairy tale? A contemporary reply to Schlick's objections to Neurath's coherence theory. Müller, Karl H.: Otto Neurath and contemporary knowledge and information societies: A newly established liaison. Jansen, Angela: Isotype and infographics. Skopec, David: The changing media of visual statistics. Chapel, Enrico: Otto Neurath and the CIAM: The International pictorial language as a notational system for town planning. Miles, Roger: Otto Neurath and the modern public museum: The case of the Natural History Museum (London). Kräutler, Hadwig: “Scientific world conceptions” and museum planning. Faludi, Andreas: Otto Neurath and planning theory. Amann, Anton: Theories of life conditions since Otto Neurath: Some fragments. Soulez, Antonia: Otto Neurath or the will to plan. Johann DvořÁk: Otto Neurath, “proletarian democracy” and social planning. Otto Neurath: Visual education: Humanisation versus popularisation (edited by Manninen, Juha). Fabian, Reinhard: The Otto Neurath Nachlass in Haarlem.

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Review Clarke, S. (1998) Review of "Encyclopedia and utopia: The life and work of Otto Neurath (1882-1945)". Metascience: An International Review Journal for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science (pp. 356-59). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Haller, Rudolf
Uebel, Thomas E.
Nemeth, Elisabeth
Rutte, Heiner
Reisch, George A.
Stadler, Friedrich K.
Perspectives on Science
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Foundations of Science
British Journal for the History of Science
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Rivista di Storia della Filosofia
Kluwer Academic
Campus Verlag
Cambridge University Press
Verlag Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky
Encyclopedias (history)
Science and politics
Quantum mechanics
Mathematical physics
Neurath, Otto
Carnap, Rudolf
Popper, Karl Raimund
Weyl, Hermann
Schlick, Moritz
Reichenbach, Hans
Time Periods
20th century
19th century
20th century, early
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Vienna Circle

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