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Proceedings of the eleventh International Scientific Instrument Symposium, Bologna University, Italy, 9-14 September 1991. Edited by Dragoni, Giorgio, McConnell, Anita and Turner, Gerard L'E. (1994)


International Scientific Instrument Symposium (Author)


Publication Date: 1994
Physical Details: 256 pp.; illus.; notes

Description Contents: Hall, A. Rupert: The contributions of science and technology to the design of early optical elements. Jacomy, Bruno: Scientific instruments as technical objects for science. Sepper, Dennis L.: Showing, doing and the ontology of using scientific instruments. Ron, Moshe: The instruments of the alchemists. Johnston, Stephen: The carpenter's rule: Instruments, practitioners, and artisans in 16th century England. Anderson, R.G.W.: A source for 18th century chemical glass. Morrison-Low, A.: The road to ruin?: Bankruptcy and some legal consequences for the instrument maker in 19th century Britain. Clifton, Gloria: The growth of the British scientific instrument trade, 1600-1850. Wetton, Jenny: Scientific instrument making in Manchester, 1790-1870. Amelin, Olov: Daniel Ekström: Maker of scientific instruments in 18th century Sweden. Talas, Sofia: The physical cabinets in Geneva at the end of the 18th century. Andersen, Hemming: Some important instruments and instrument makers in Denmark. Schillinger, Klaus: The development of the collections of scientific intruments of the Mathematical-Physical Salon between the years 1750 and 1850 and their use for research and teaching. Brenni, Paolo: Soleil-Duboscq-Pellin: A dynasty of 19th century scientific instrument makers. McConnell, Anita: Instruments for South America. Ranea, Alberto G.: Origin and (mis)fortune of the collection of scientific instruments of the Department of Physics, La Plata, Argentina. Boschi, Enzo, Ferrari, Graziano: European seismology looks back: Two projects to recover the historical roots of the science of earthquakes. Evans, Rand B.: The just noticeable difference: Psychophysical instrumentation and the determination of sensory thresholds. Davis, Audrey, Merzbach, Uta: The role of the polarimeter in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus: Biot's bequest to 19th century medical saccharimetry. D'Agostino, Salvatore: The fundamental role of absolute instruments in the evolution of classical electrodynamics: Thomson's absolute electrometer. Débarbat, Suzanne, Grillot, Solange: Current research use of a historical instrument: The “photomètre à oeil-de-chat” designed by André Danjon. Kipnis, Nahum: 18th century instruments in the classroom. Lanzarini, Viviana: Bologna University museums: An outstanding cultural heritage. Todesco, Piero: The physics laboratories of the ecclesiastical colleges. Ferrari, Graziano: The origin and development of a method of measurement in early seismology. Dragoni, Giorgio: Lord George Cowper's 18th century cabinet of physics. Grandi, Maura: School, society and economy: The Museo Laboratorio Aldini Valeriani and its collections, 1842-1911. Parisini, Alessandra: Cataloguing and historical research: An example of the activity of the Museo Laboratorio Aldini Valeriani. Proverbio, Edoardo, Tucci, Pasquale: From reflectors to refractors: The evolution of Giovan Battista Amici, constructor of astronomical instruments. Ricci, Maria Basso, Tucci, Pasquale: Gauss's magnetometer at Brera Astronomical Obervatory. Boato, Giovanni, Bruzzaniti, Giovanni, Robotti, Nadia: Experimental physics in Genoa during the 19th century. Galloni, Marco: Scientific instrument makers working in Piedmont in the 18th and 19th centuries. Carazza, Bruno, Mayneri, M. Ceriana: The “inventario delle machine...” found at Turin University. Faraggiana, Giorgio, Sassi, Luisa: Teaching instruments and collections from the 19th century to the present: The example of the 19th century construction model collection of the Regia Scuola di Applicazione for engineers of Turin. Chierego, Nedda, Angelini, Alessandra: Upgrading and utilization of historical instruments: Experience in a secondary technical school. Franchini, Laura: Research on old physics instruments in some Neapolitan schools and their place in present teaching methodology. Ruggiero, Livio, Bernardini, Paolo, Rossi, Arcangelo: Nineteenth century instruments for the teaching of physics at Lecce.

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Lu, Yixi
Jean, Jason
Rockefeller Archive Center
History of Science Society
Uebel, Thomas E.
Solomon, Susan Gross
Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie
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NTM: Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Medizin
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Dept. of History and Sociology of Science, Univ. of Pennsylvania
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Technoscience; science and technology studies
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Gieryn, Thomas F.
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