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When did Carl Correns read Gregor Mendel's paper? A research note (1995)


Description About 1896.

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Authors & Contributors
Corcos, Alain F.
Orel, V. M.
Monaghan, Floyd V.
Orel, Vítězslav
Matalová, Anna
Rheinberger, Hans-Jörg
Journal of Heredity
History of Science
Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Journal of the History of Biology
Histoire et Nature
Priroda: Populiarnyi Estestvenno-istoricheskii Zhurnal
The Mendelianum of the Moravian Museum, and the Czechoslovak Society for the History of Science and Technology
Mendelianum Musei Moraviae
Oxford University Press
Animal genetics
Plant evolution
Visual representation; visual communication
Mathematics and its relationship to nature
Mendel, Gregor Johann
Correns, Carl Erich
Timiriazev, Kliment Arcadievich
Nägeli, Karl Wilhelm von
Schwann, Theodor
Darwin, Charles Robert
Time Periods
19th century
20th century
Russia; Baltic States; Finland
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Skylab Program

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