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Hegel and Newtonianism (1993)


Petry, Michael John (Editor)

Kluwer Academic

Publication Date: 1993
Physical Details: xiv + 786 pp.; notes; bibl.; index

Description Contents: Garrison, James W.: Metaphysics and scientific proof: Newton and Hegel. Wehrle, Walter E.: The conflict between Newton's analysis of configurations and Hegel's conceptual analysis. Pozzo, Riccardo: Analysis, synthesis and dialectic: Hegel's answer to Aristotle, Newton and Kant. Gower, Barry: Gravity, polarity and dialectical method. Buchdahl, Gerd: Hegel on the interaction between science and philosophy. Borzeszkowski, Horst-Heino: Hegel's interpretation of classical mechanics. Wahsner, Renate: The philosophical background to Hegel's criticism of Newton. Drees, Martin: The logic of Hegel's philosophy of nature. Miller, Arnold V.: Defending Hegel's philosophy of nature. Priest, Stephen: Newton and Hegel: Can science explain the scientist? Wolf-Gazo, Ernest: Newton's pantokrator and Hegel's absolute mind. Moore, A.W.: The method of exhaustion as a model for the calculus. Moretto, Antonio: Hegel on Greek mathematics and the modern calculus. Guicciardini, Niccolò: Newton and British Newtonians on the foundations of the calculus. Toth, Imre: The dialectical structure of Zeno's arguments. Grattan-Guinness, Ivor: Hegel's heritage in applied mathematics: A plurality of traditions. Fleischhacker, Louk: Hegel on mathematics and experimental science. Kluit, Peter M.: Inertial and gravitational mass: Newton, Hegel and modern physics. Wandschneider, Dieter: The problem of mass in Hegel. Sarlemijn, Andries: Pendulums in Newtonian mechanics. Petry, Michael John: Classifying the motion: Hegel on the pendulum. Moretto, Antonio: The problem of falling bodies--from Galilei to Lagrange. Büttner, Stefan: Hegel on Galilei's law of fall. Lunteren, Frans van: Eighteenth-century conceptions of gravitation. Ihmig, Karl-N.: Hegel's treatment of universal gravitation. Neuser, Wolfgang: The concept of force in eighteenth-century mechanics. Ihmig, Karl-N.: Hegel's rejection of the concept of force. Brackenridge, J. Bruce: Universal gravitation from elliptical orbits. Weinstock, Robert: A worm in Newton's apple. Petry, Michael John: The significance of Kepler's laws. Ziggelaar, August: The early debate concerning wave-theory. Falkenburg, Brigitte: Hegel on mechanistic models of light. Steinle, Friedrich: Newton's rejection of the modification theory of colour. Illetterati, Luca: Hegel's exposition of Goethe's theory of colour. Steinle, Friedrich: Newton's colour-theory and perception. Melica, Claudia: Hegel on shadows and the blue of the sky. Bonsiepen, Wolfgang: Newtonian atomism and eighteenth-century chemistry. Burbidge, John W.: Chemistry and Hegel's logic. Pater, C. de: Newton and eighteenth-century conceptions of chemical affinity. Snelders, H.A.M.: The significance of Hegel's treatment of chemical affinity. Gjertsen, Derek: Is nature conformable to herself? Engelhardt, Dietrich von: Hegel on chemistry and the organic sciences. Mense, André: Hegel's library: The works on mathematics, mechanics, optics and chemistry. Bronger, Patrick: Hegel's library: The Newton editions.

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Review Casini, P. (1996) Review of "Hegel and Newtonianism". Physis: Rivista Internazionale di Storia della Scienza (pp. 387-90). unapi

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Chapter Petry, Michael John (1993) The significance of Kepler's laws. In: Hegel and Newtonianism (p. 439). unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Ferrini, Cinzia
Petry, M. J.
Ihmig, Karl-Norbert
Berthold-Bond, Daniel
Rockmore, Tom
Lauxtermann, Paul F. H.
Hegel Jahrbuch
Clio: Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History
Philosophia Naturalis
International Studies in Philosophy
History of Philosophy Quarterly
Journal of the History of Ideas
Cambridge University Press
State University of New York Press
Saint Louis University
University of Toronto
Celestial mechanics
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
Newton, Isaac
Kant, Immanuel
Kepler, Johannes
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Schopenhauer, Arthur
Time Periods
19th century
17th century

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