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Schouten, Levi-Civita, and the emergence of tensor calculus (1989)

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Book Rowe, David E.; McCleary, John (1989) The history of modern mathematics. unapi

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Authors & Contributors
Goodstein, Judith R.
Dell'Aglio, Luca
Gray, Jeremy
Reich, Karin
Rowe, David E.
Cogliati, Alberto
Historia Mathematica
Rivista di Storia della Scienza
Centaurus: International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Archive for History of Exact Sciences
Physis: Rivista Intemazionale di Storia della Scienza
Math Sci Press
Oxford University Press
American Mathematical Society
Vectors; tensors
Levi-Civita, Tullio
Einstein, Albert
Hilbert, David
Poincaré, Jules Henri
Riemann, Georg Friedrich Bernhard
Ricci Curbastro, Gregorio
20th century
20th century, early
19th century

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