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The probabilistic revolution (1987)


Krüger, Lorenz (Editor)
Daston, Lorraine J. (Editor)
Heidelberger, Michael (Editor)

MIT Press

Publication Date: 1987
Edition Details: Vol. 1: Ideas in history. Vol. 2: Ideas in the sciences. Edited by Krüger, Lorenz, Gigerenzer, Gerd, and Morgan, Mary S..
Physical Details: 2 vols.; xi + 449 pp.; xvii + 459 pp.; notes; index

Description Contents: Kuhn, Thomas S.: What are scientific revolutions? Cohen, I. Bernard: Scientific revolutions, revolutions in science, and a probabilistic revolution, 1800-1930. Hacking, Ian: Was there a probabilistic revolution, 1800-1930? Krüger, Lorenz: The slow rise of probabilism: Philosophical arguments in the 19th century. Kamlah, Andreas: The decline of the Laplacian theory of probability: A study of Stumpf, von Kries, and Meinong. Heidelberger, Michael: Fechner's indeterminism: From freedom to laws of chance. Jorland, Gérard: The Saint Petersburg paradox, 1713-1937. Schneider, Ivo: Laplace and thereafter: The status of probability calculus in the 19th century. Knobloch, Eberhard: Emile Borel as a probabilist. Daston, Lorraine J.: The domestication of risk: Mathematical probability and insurance, 1650-1830. Swijtink, Zeno G.: The objectification of observation: Measurement and statistical methods in the 19th century. Stigler, Stephen M.: The measurement of uncertainty in 19th-century social science. Daston, Lorraine J.: Rational individuals versus laws of society: From probability to statistics. Bourguet, Marie-Noëlle: Décrire, compter, calculer: The debate over statistics during the Napoleonic period. Lécuyer, Bernard-Pierre: Probability in vital and social statistics: Quetelet, Farr, and the Bertillons. Metz, Karl H.: Paupers and numbers: The statistical argument for social reform in Britain during the period of industrialization. Porter, Theodore M.: Lawless society: Social science and the reinterpretation of statistics in Germany, 1850-1880. Hacking, Ian: Prussian numbers, 1860-1882. Wise, M. Norton: How do sums count? On the cultural origins of statistical causality. Gigerenzer, Gerd: The probabilistic revolution in psychology: An overview. Gigerenzer, Gerd: Probabilistic thinking and the fight against subjectivity. Danziger, Kurt: Statistical method and the historical development of research practice in American psychology. Gigerenzer, Gerd: Survival of the fittest probabilist: Brunswick, Thurstone, and the two disciplines of psychology. Murray, David J.: A perspective for viewing the integration of probability theory into psychology. Oberschall, Anthony: The two empirical roots of social theory and the probability revolution. Morgan, Mary S.: The probabilisitic revolution in economics: An overview. Ménard, Claude: Why was there no probabilistic revolution in economic thought? Horváth, Robert A.: The rise of macroeconomic calculations in economic statistics. Morgan, Mary S.: Statistics without probability and Haavelmo's revolution in econometrics. Coleman, William: Experimental physiology and statistical inference: The therapeutic trial in 19th-century Germany. Beatty, John: The probabilistic revolution in evolutionary biology: An overview. Hodge, M.J.S.: Natural selection as a causal, empirical, and probabilistic theory. Beatty, John: Dobzhansky and drift: Facts, values, and chance in evolutionary biology. Turner, John R.G.: Random genetic drift, R.A. Fisher, and the Oxford school of ecological genetics. Küppers, Bernd-Olaf: On the prior probability of the existence of life. Krüger, Lorenz: The probabilistic revolution in physics: An overview. Plato, Jan von: Probabilistic physics the classical way. Cartwright, Nancy: Max Born and the reality of quantum probabilities. Cartwright, Nancy: Philosophical problems of quantum theory: The response of American physicists.

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Authors & Contributors
Gates, Kelly
Thorpe, Charles
Westman, Robert
Golan, Tal
Wisnioski, Matthew H.
Patterson, Andrea
Canadian Journal of History
Railroad History
Journal of American History
Journal of Black Studies
History of Psychiatry
Social History of Medicine
MIT Press
University of California, San Diego
University of Pennsylvania Press
University of Minnesota Press
Rutgers University Press
University of Georgia Press
Civil rights
African Americans
African Americans and science
Political activists and activism
Randolph, A. Philip (1889-1979)
Sullivan, Louis W.
Sanger, Margaret
Orihuela, Andrés Avelino de
United States
South Africa
Oregon (U.S.)
20th century
20th century, late
20th century, early
19th century
18th century
American Red Cross
Scottish Union of Mental Patients

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